Subb Niggurath

A Lovecraftian horror experience.

VooR Productions

The Rolls3D Project - Digital FX

A Classic Horror Film

A Classic Picture set during the Second World War.

Subb Niggurath

A Dark World of Darkness.

Directed and Written by

Roberto Julio Alamo


A metaphysical horror beyond human comprehension!!

With Javier Paredero as

Den Kavir: The Evil Cult Leader

Produced by

Guillermo García Insa

Director of Photography

Fiacha O´Donell

An Horror Unimaginable

Dark entities from the infinite abyss!!

A Dark Cult Hidden in the Forest

Discover the strange Cult of Subb Niggurath

domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

Awardeo - Audience Awards

I´m proud to announce our audience award at the awards online Awardeo where our short film Subb Niggurath has been chosen among nine other films for the audience.

Thank you very much everyone for your votes, and we will continue working hard on new projects!

Awardeo - Subb Niggurath - Best Video of  the Week