Subb Niggurath

A Lovecraftian horror experience.

VooR Productions

The Rolls3D Project - Digital FX

A Classic Horror Film

A Classic Picture set during the Second World War.

Subb Niggurath

A Dark World of Darkness.

Directed and Written by

Roberto Julio Alamo


A metaphysical horror beyond human comprehension!!

With Javier Paredero as

Den Kavir: The Evil Cult Leader

Produced by

Guillermo García Insa

Director of Photography

Fiacha O´Donell

An Horror Unimaginable

Dark entities from the infinite abyss!!

A Dark Cult Hidden in the Forest

Discover the strange Cult of Subb Niggurath

viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

Subb Niggurath - E2Cvisions Photography

Subb Niggurath - E2Cvisions Photography
Photographs of the film Subb Niggurath, released by our friends E2Cvisions, freelance company founded by visual artists Emanuel Gesang & Claudia Soirrios that provides services beyond expectation.