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Subb Niggurath - Interview with the Film Director Roberto Julio Alamo

Interview with the film director Roberto Julio Alamo, by Emilio Iglesias, owner of



INTERVIEW Roberto Julio Alamo | VooR Productions
By Emilio Iglesias -

[Note: VooR Productions is a low-budget film producer factory created by Roberto Julio Alamo, Raul Jimenez Gil and Guillermo Garcia Insa, in 2006]

- Maybe not the best way to start an interview, but if you wonder, what the hell means Subb Niggurath?

Subb Niggurath, Shub Niggurath or also known as "The Goat of a Thousand Young" is one of the fictitious deities created by Lovecraft in his Pulp mithology. This entity, repulsive and of course, incomprehensible to the primitive human mind, is one of the least spoken in his stories, just mentioning it´s name several times.

- Tell me a bit more about this project. The first pictures are promising, especially for those we love everything about World War II and Nazi occultism.

This project began some time ago, but as separate films. In VooR Productions we wanted to do a short film set in the Second World War, and a Lovecraftian theme, so that we had been some time preparing both projects. But in recent months, due to lack of time, and my upcoming trip to China, we decided to do a mixture of both: A Lovecraftian occultism short film set in the Second World War. I had several similar tales that I wrote in the past, so it was easy to get to it.
The shoot was crazy, just four days without sleep in an abandoned village near Segovia, but worth it.

- What about the script? Where did the idea come?

I wrote the script basing both Lovecraft as classic movies from the 40s and 50s, adding an exaggerated theatricality to the main story, already Pulp. I think the mix has been pretty decent, especially considering that the project was carried out against the clock.
The story, although it is rather basic, mainly aims to recreate the atmosphere stifling and great Pulp Lovecraft stories, especially his earliest stories, perhaps less dark and more pulp.

- What do you like more, to be writer, or to be director?

Well, it's a complicated question. Are the two things I really love to do. What I really like is to create worlds and new characters, with his stories, adventures and misadventures. Film and literature are two means to the same, transmit dreams, exotic stories we create in our minds. The truth is that what my passion is to bring together both worlds: Write a story, and then turn it on film, as is the case with Subb Niggurath.

- You write, direct, and you take care of other aspects such as the soundtrack, or digital effects and postproduction. Is it too much?

In fact, it is something that happens to me invoice. I love to take care of all aspects of a film, and in this manner to refine each element until all flows together, like a symphony. I really love to dedicate to all these aspects, but ultimately this leads to a lack of sleep does not help too monumental in day to day, so in my last projects I have not composed the soundtracks, music I used because their age has no copyright on it.

- We know that you have experience in shooting short, as we have already seen some of your work, as A Fistful of Zombies. What do you think when you look back on everything done?

The truth is it's very fun, especially when you have some time to work on many projects. The funny thing is get together with some friends and see new projects very very old, is really rewarding, and not just you laugh with some old things I'd forgotten, but you realize everything you progress.

- And when you look forward? What are your goals?

When you look forward is more difficult to predict. In this world the thing is complicated, especially in Spain, and we must continue to move forward, with the same enthusiasm and the same desire. My goals are to direct my own films, no-budget, but with enough. At the moment, almost just ruined renting the necessary equipment for each project, except in 3D, instead of spending time and money, just spending time, but a lot ... Weeks without seeing sunlight ...

- Will there soon be a film? Perhaps the idea and have, right?

Yes, there is not one or two, but at least five ideas for creating robust a feature film, but at the moment it is something that will have to wait. A feature film quality conditions require significant outlays, so for the moment I prefer to focus on short films, and gradually be gaining the trust of certain people who can give me the opportunity to launch into a long.

- I guess the biggest problem is funding. How hard is to get funds when you have a good idea?

It is very very difficult. Many people have good ideas, and in particular in Spain, the idea does not have to be good for the finance you just have to have the right contacts. That is something that I have, so I have to settle for me to move forward with our media, and am content for now, the thing works, and we all had great time recording it, with enthusiasm and doing our best, believing in what we do.

- A part of the funding, what is it that gives you more work, or what you dislike when you get to work?

What I dislike are the moments before recording, in which we all have to wear for a long time, really lose much time on this before, especially with military costumes. Once everything is ready, we get down to work.
What gives me more work is the post-production and special effects and 3D, but I love, so that the time just flies. The only problem is the time it takes from the short is mounted, until all effects included, something that really is worth waiting for.

- When you extend the Kodak Theatre red carpet, you invite us to the party?

[Laughs] Of course, you will all be invited! I hope that at some time at least some of my works receive recognition at some level. The truth is that I work in short films and stories that are the kind of stories I like to see myself as a spectator, so I know at least, to those who share my tastes, I like them.

- Now you're going to live in China this will be a high on your film career?

I'm going to live in China, but this does not involve any high on my film career, the film is a way in which you progress slowly and I do not intend to stop me at any time, it's just another level. Continue with films from China, but I have to create new contacts there to help me, but of course, whenever you return to Spain, we will continue with new short films voor Productions. In fact, I started to write the script for our next movie ... By the time I drop it, but I won´t comment anything else about it [laughs].

- Why did you go to live in China?

Good question. There are several reasons why I'm moving to China, I love Shaolin Kung Fu and I would continue practicing there, I love Chinese culture and language, I am studying, but my main reasons are sentimental: My girlfriend is from there, so I'm going to live with it.
A new stage in my life, an adventure, and I'm very happy.

- The website will have signed as a correspondent, and ambassador of our interests in the Far East? Responsibility weighs?

Well, not really. Yes it is a responsibility, but will happily, collecting stories, information and legends from faraway China. Propose to research, I am convinced that there are many stories in the giant Asian Pulp and transmitíroslas try my best. An honor to be correspondent Pulp Stories.

- Some words for posterity?

Well, it is a question to which an answer must be given very solemn [laughs].
At the moment only say that I hope people enjoy my new movie, Subb Niggurath, this new and terrifying film voor Productions, and I will continue with new projects and with the same goal that has led me here so far: that all can enjoy them from anywhere in the world.
And I forgot: As a curiosity - Subb Niggurath is the name that also baptized final monster video game Quake, apparently the story revolved around the dark Subb dominated Niggurath his army of monsters and eventually you faced This creature, also removed the Lovecraft universe.

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